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Multi-split home air conditioning systems

The multi-split type system comprises of a single outdoor unit which is capable of serving multiple indoor units.

The outdoor units are responsible for rejecting the unwanted heat to outside.  They are again compact in design and operate with extremely low noise ratings.  They can be sited anywhere outside, either floor-standing on patio areas or flat roofs, or wall-mounted on suitable brackets.

The indoor and outdoor units are connected via insulated refrigeration pipework and the necessary cabling to restore the complete refrigeration circuit.  The separation between the indoor and outdoor unit can be anything up to 30 metres.

The following indoor unit styles are available:

Wall mounted air conditioner

wall mounted air conditioners

The most popular, compact and affordable type of air conditioner available. Designed to be mounted on a wall at high level and available with various styling from discrete to outrageous.

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Flexi air conditioner

flexi / universal air conditioners

As the name suggests, this air conditioner is flexible in the way it can be installed. Discharging air from the top, it can be mounted on a wall at low level, or be suspended horizontally below the ceiling.

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Floor standing air conditioner

floor standing air conditioners

This air conditioner can be stood directly onto the floor or be mounted on the wall at low-level. Being compact in size, it can be installed unobtrusively into any room.

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Ducted air conditioner

ducted air conditioners

The concealed ducted type unit represents the ultimate in discretion. Typically installed within attic space, ceiling voids or adjacent rooms, conditioned air is delivered through grilles, leaving no equipment visible from within the room.

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Reduced VAT on home air conditioning

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