Bespoke home air conditioning

Bespoke home air conditioning systems

Based around a solid technical design, our bespoke home air conditioning systems allow you to choose exactly what it will look like, how it will sound, what it will do and how you'll make it do it.

This is where we can really get creative, and be rewarded with the satisfaction of providing our clients with quality home air conditioning systems that are perfectly tailored to their needs.


ceiling and wall grilles

Most bespoke home air conditioning systems stem from the desire for a totally concealed system of either a higher specification, or one incorporating more functionality than found in a conventional 'off the shelf' system.  These solutions are ususually based upon a ducted system, where the grilles that deliver conditioned air into the home are the only visible indication that home air conditioning exists.

It is therefore important that these grilles compliment the decor of a room, whether the styling is discrete or ultra modern.

We can supply grilles ranging from conventional square or circular ceiling diffusers, to custom-made rectangular grilles, to elegant slot diffusers, to Stainless Steel eyeball vents.

All of our grilles and diffusers can be supplied in any colour, or for the ultimate luxury finish they can be professionally plated in Brass or Chrome.


sound attenuation

Whilst the combination of quality equipment and carefully sized ducting makes for extremely quiet operation, sound attenuation can be added for those seeking virtually silent operation.



Heating, cooling, air filtration, air purification, humidification, heat-recovery ventilation?  We'll listen and provide a system with the functionality that's important to you.



Concealed ducted air conditioning systems are well suited to the upstairs of the home, as attic space generally exists.  Where concealed systems are required downstairs in the home, we offer small ducted units which can be concealed within bespoke bulkheads or decorative enclosures.

These enclosures can range from a basic 'off-the-shelf' MDF radiator cabinet, to a bespoke hand-crafted cabinet, finished in a polished veneer of your choice.


control options

For those seeking the latest in control technology, how about a home air conditioning system that can be switched on and adjusted remotely over the internet?  How about a full colour touch-screen controller, from where all rooms can be controlled from a single point?

Or how about integrating your home air conditioning system into your home automation system and perhaps allowing us to monitor it remotely for incorrect settings or faults?

It's all possible with the latest home air conditioning control options.


total project management

Air conditioning Companies typically exclude more than they include from their proposals, whereas here at Home Air Conditioning Solutions we are happy to supply a team of our approved subcontractors to provide associated trades such as Part 'P' registered electricians, plasterers, decorators, bricklayers, carpenters, joiners and general builders.

In turn we are able to manage your home air conditioning project from start to finish, to include those tasks requiring additional skills.


service options

Once installed, we are able to provide a preventative maintenance package to suit your needs.  From a single yearly visit to frequent services with remote monitoring facility, we are able to provide the level of upkeep that's best for you.


To find out more about bespoke home air conditioning, either contact us through our contact page or call today on 0118 930 4404.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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